Beautiful natural stone from the mountains

This stone being extracted from the mountain is part of the Belvedere range, now being processed, will be on its way to projects in the UK soon. Contact us to find out more about our responsible sourcing methods.

Our range of internal flooring stone

The Belvedere Stone collection of internal flooring has a natural colour palette; the character and tonal variation will be totally unique to your project.  From soft creams and subtle greys that will blend with any interior design scheme, to deep dramatic stones that will produce a naturally exciting environment; each stone will produce an exceptional, hard wearing surface. The bespoke finishes available; from subtle hand ageing to contemporary angular finishes, will suit both traditional buildings or the most contemporary schemes, helping you create a stunning and comfortable ambiance. By selecting natural stone you will be using one of the most ecological of building materials available, which will look exceptional when first installed and continues to improve with age.

Our range of external paving

The Belvedere Stone collection of natural stone external paving is both beautiful and robust; whether it’s for a contemporary seamless outdoor living space, a traditional garden terrace or a swimming pool, we have a product to suit your design. Belvedere Stone’s bespoke collection ranges from very dark stones that will absorb the heat of a summers day and release that stored heat throughout the evening, to light coloured stones with subtle fossilisation that will provide a perfect canvas to enhance your planting scheme. The natural non-slip surface is easy to maintain and the weather resistance of our stone means your exterior project will look amazing from day one and improve with subsequent years.

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